The Duck Huntin’ Story…


Publisher & Executive Editor

I started this magazine” with little more than an old Mac, over 40 years’ experience in publishing — and a dream of putting out a “reader’s magazine” all about my first love: waterfowl hunting.

I wanted my magazine

  • to break the trend of “articles that are really advertisements” that filled outdoor magazines at that time. 
  • To give real waterfowl hunters a chance to publish their personal stories or photos.
  • And to give little mom & pop businesses a shot at advertising products and services in a national magazine.

“Take ‘Em! ” Magazine took off and has given way to Goose & Duck Huntin’ Magazine, or Duck Huntin’ for short. Published from HUNTSville, in the heart of Waterfowl Country, Duck Huntin’ is jam-packed with interesting ORIGINAL articles and photos produced by talented hunters like you who have a passion for the birds, the sport and all the grand traditions. 

Issue after issue, our contributors turn out amazing articles and photos that you won’t find in other magazines. Our editors and page designer produce a very readable package.  Folks tell us they read it cover-to-cover, then keep it and re-read every issue.  Business owners, this means your ads in Duck Huntin’ Magazine keep on working for you…  months and years after you place them. That’s value for your ad dollar!

Email us your waterfowl hunting stories, good hunt photos or how-to tips to help us all become better waterfowlers [email protected]. You do not have to have formal training as a writer;  we will edit and polish your story. You will be proud of the results!

Once again I say welcome!  Join us for a fun and interesting ride up and down the flyways!  Please buy a subscription if you haven’t already. 

I wish you cold days and hot barrels, always!

                                         Gordy Gordon, Publisher & Editor

PS: Here’s another difference between DUCK HUNTIN’ and the other magazines.  If you have an idea for a story, a photo you want to nominate for printing, or if you just want to talk duck & goose huntin’ … here’s my phone number:  (816) 724 0653.  Call at any decent hour and we will visit.  Leave a message if I don’t get to pick up.  Good DUCK HUNTIN’ to you, always!