Write for Duck Huntin’

Through the pages of DUCK HUNTIN’, we hope to entertain, honor and inform waterfowl hunters of North America.  We enjoy sharing good hunting stories and some of the best amateur waterfowl photography today, in a reader-friendly low ads percentage magazine.   We encourage and appreciate contributed manuscripts. All contributors get a byline, their own personal copy of the magazine containing their work, and our undying gratitude. By reading a recent copy of DUCK HUNTIN’ prior to submitting, you will gain a better sense of the kinds of stories we might publish. The magazine is not available on newsstands yet. If you have never seen our mag, we encourage you to call for a sample issue.

General info:

  • We cover waterfowl hunting. We do not cover deer or other game. Please write your article with our whole audience in mind. Our readers range from newbies who haven’t shot “at” a duck yet, to grizzled waterfowlers who’ve hunted 60-plus seasons. Make sure you have something interesting to tell one or both of these groups. Go beyond how many birds you killed. Tell a great story. Tell how you set your decoys and why, habitat you hunted, history of the area you hunted, how you got the birds to work (or why you think they didn’t), and interesting things you saw or that happened on the hunt.
  • Best articles are SHORT TIGHTLY-WRITTEN ACTION STORIES making a reader feel part of the action and teaching them something useful. A lively 900-1400 word article with action, a little bit of useful how-to, and 1-3 sharp interesting photos is pure gold.

We DO want:

  • Interesting or exciting waterfowl Hunts, How-to/DIY projects, Conservation, Waterfowl Education, Kids or Women in Waterfowling, Freelance and Public Lands Hunting, Shotguns/Ammo (no reloading recipes), Waterfowl Dogs.  We DO allow BRIEF SINGLE MENTIONS of brands or models or services as long as they fit the context of your article.

We DO NOT want:

  • Illegal or thug activities or methods, product placements, fluff, politics, or anything that smells like free advertising will be edited/rejected with glee.  But to repeaat: BRIEF mentions of brands or models or services are OK provided they fit the context of your article.

Format & Length:

  • Articles should be  50 – 1,500 words. ALL submitted content is morally and legally assumed to be the author’s own work and legal property. If you send something not your own, any ensuing trouble is all on you, period. We reserve the right to make minor edits for length, spelling, grammar, and accuracy. We do not materially change most articles aside from minor spelling, etc. Major edits get sent back to the writer for re-write.
  • Email your article as a Word document (.doc) OR simply as the text of an email to: [email protected] DO NOT FORMAT. Always include your contact info.


  • Sharpness and interest are MUSTS. “Action” shots ALWAYS preferred. We do not want “bird pile” or tailgate photos. Email 1 to 3 photos IN ORIGINAL FILE SIZE & WITHOUT FILTERS. If we need more than 3, we will ask.
  • Include a suggested caption for each. If you DO NOT have a photo, mark your email NO PHOTOS. We have options. Always include your contact info.
  • “Wild art,” or single photos or sets of photos that do not have an accompanying article, are also welcome. Email with complete caption details: who-what-where-when-how and why. Always include your contact info.

Thanks — Gordy Gordon, executive editor [email protected].