Write for Duck Huntin’

Duck Huntin’ Magazine Writer’s Guidelines

Articles and photos that fit our format are always welcome. We cover waterfowl hunting only. We do not cover deer or other game. All content and photographs are contributed by the authors and photographers, who receive byline recognition and copies in which their work appears.

General guidelines:  We have readers who are brand-new hunters AND readers who have hunted waterfowl 60-plus years. Have something interesting to tell both groups. Go beyond how many birds you killed. Tell a great story. Paint vivid lively word pictures. Tell how you set your decoy spread and why, habitat you hunted, how you got the birds to work (or why you think they didn’t), and interesting things you saw or that happened.

Best articles use a rich writing style that carries the reader along so they are part of the story, and they learn something by reading the story.

We want: Personal Hunt Experiences, Conservation, Waterfowl Education, Kids or Women in Waterfowling, Freelance Hunting Opportunities, How-to/DIY projects, Shotguns/Ammo (note: we do not print reloading data), Hunter Health & Fitness, Waterfowl Dogs, decoys, calls/calling, Nostalgia/Heritage, grassroots waterfowl organizations, funny true stories, and Recipes you have actually prepared yourself.

We do not want: Product placements, endorsements, fluff, “native advertising” or “advertorials.” These will be edited with glee. BUT — 1 or 2 brief mentions of makes, brands or models of hunting gear or services are fine provided they fit the context of your article.

Format & Length Manuscripts should emailed SINGLE-SPACED 12 point type as either a Word document (.doc) OR as the body of an email to: duckmagz@gmail.com. PLEASE DO NOT FORMAT YOUR MANUSCRIPT or embed photos in it. Manuscripts we like are 400 – 1,500 words with 1 to 3 photos; 1,000 is optimal. Shorter items 50-200 words are welcomed. Long articles will be reviewed but may be edited for length or broken into parts to run in consecutive issues. Sidebars encouraged. We follow Associated Press Style. ANY manuscript or art sent to us will be automatically regarded as the author’s own work and legal property, and all legal requirements fall on the submitting author/photographer. Always include your contact address and phone number.

Revisions: We always reserve the right to make minor edits for length, spelling, grammar, and accuracy. A majority of articles are not re-written or changed by us except for minor spelling, grammar and punctuation, Major edits will be sent back to the author for re-write.

Queries: A query is not required. However, a short email visit with the editor beforehand can help focus your article and save you re-write time later. duckmagz@gmail.com.

Photos: Send 1 to 3 photos as 300 DPI CMYK TIFF files, cropped 8×10 or 5×7 to support your article. If we need more than 3, we will ask for them. Our email system can accept up to 5 megabyte files. Please include a suggested caption for each photo, GOOD candid or “action” shots are ALWAYS preferred. We do not want “bird pile” or tailgate photos.

If you DO NOT have a photo, send your manuscript anyway, marked NO PHOTOS. We have options for images and artwork.

Again, our email: duckmagz@gmail.com

Thank you very much! — Gordy Gordon, publisher  (816) 724-0653