The Duck Huntin’ Story…

I started “Take ‘Em!” Magazine a few years ago to battle the grossly over-hyped “ads disguised as articles” mania in mainstream magazines these days.  To give real waterfowl hunters nationwide a chance to get their personal stories or photos published. And to give little mom & pop businesses a shot at advertising products and services AFFORDABLY in print.

Today, Take ‘Em! is Goose & Duck Huntin’ Magazine, or Duck Huntin’ for short.  This update more accurately describes what the magazine is about. 

Published from the heart of Duck Country, Duck Huntin’ Magazine is jam-packed with interesting articles and photos by talented hunters like you who have a passion for the birds, the sport and the grand traditions. 

Issue after issue, our contributors turn out amazing articles and photos that you won’t find in other magazines. Our editors and page designers produce a slick, well-designed, very readable package — and you can read it anywhere anytime (even the duck blind or the john) WITHOUT BATTERY POWER.  Readers tell us they read it cover-to-cover more than once. Many keep every issue in their outdoor libraries.  Thus, your ads keep working for you months and years after you place them in Duck Huntin’ Magazine

Email us your waterfowl hunting stories, good hunt photos or how-to tips to entertain, inform, and help us all become better waterfowlers You do not have to have formal training as a writer;  we will help edit and polish your story.

Independent, hunter-owned Duck Huntin’ Magazine is different in several other important ways, too:

  • Political Correctness isn’t our thing.  We use the verb ‘kill’ as part of the honest language of the hunter.  We don’t print PC terms like ‘harvest.’
  • We don’t print mindless fluff like “What’s in your blind bag?” or ridiculous  “New Gear Comparo’s.”
  • You won’t catch us slobbering over the latest TV or video “Duck Star.”  If a celebrity shows up in our pages, it will be for a good reason.
  • Every issue has Duck Blind Devotional,  a few words of Scripture from the Living Word of God Almighty written by a rotating group of waterfowl hunter/pastors.

Again, welcome!  Join us for a fun and interesting ride up and down the flyways!  Please subscribe if you haven’t already. 

Let’s go huntin’ sometime!

Gordy Gordon, Publisher