The Story of “Take ‘Em!”

I started “Take ‘Em!”  Magazine with an old Macintosh and a big dream:  to give you a high-quality duck & goose hunting magazine focused on the average North American waterfowler. To give real hunters a chance to have their stories or photos published nationwide. And to give sole proprietors and little mom & pop shops a shot at advertising their products and services in print.

If you love duck and goose hunting, you’ll love “Take ‘Em!” Published from the heart of Duck Country, “Take ‘Em!” is chock-full of interesting articles and photos by talented hunters like you who have a passion for the birds, the sport and the grand traditions. 

Our contributors consistently turn out amazing articles and photos you won’t see in other magazines. Our editors and page designers produce a slick, well-designed, very readable package delivered six times a year.  Readers tell us they always look forward to “Take ‘Em!” landing in their mailbox, and that they read it cover-to-cover more than once. We all work hard to deliver a lively independent waterfowl magazine with lots of steak… and none of the fluffy, over-commercialized “Jell-O” — articles with endless product placements.  Look at the other national waterfowl magazines — 65% advertising! Is that REALLY what you want?  Real waterfowl hunters, the ones who know the score,  know the answer.

Email us your waterfowl hunting stories, good hunt photos or how-to tips to entertain, inform, and help us all become better waterfowlers You do not have to have formal training as a writer;  we will help edit and polish your story.

Independent, hunter-owned “Take ‘Em!” Magazine is different in several other ways, too:

  • With our readers in mind, we print more articles and photos and fewer ads than other magazines do.
  • We offer small independent businesses a shot at advertising  “just like the Big Boys.”   Our rate card.
  • Political Correctness isn’t our thing.  We use the verb ‘kill’ as part of the honest language of the hunter.  We despise and flatly refuse to print PC terms like ‘harvest.’
  • We won’t carry mindless fluff like “What’s in your blind bag?” or ridiculous  “New Gear Comparo’s.”
  • You won’t catch us slobbering over the latest TV or video “Duck Star.”  If a celebrity shows up in our pages, it will be for a good reason.
  • Every issue includes a few words of Scripture from the Living Word of God Almighty, written by a rotating group of waterfowl hunter/pastors. We believe unless we honor the Creator, there is no point.  Period.

Again, welcome!  Join us for a fun and interesting ride up and down the flyways!  Please subscribe if you haven’t already.  That would be a major blessing to this small business, and appreciated more than you know.

Let’s go huntin’ sometime!

Gordy Gordon

Publisher and Editor