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Take ‘Em! is a print magazine BY and FOR dedicated waterfowlers and the waterfowling lifestyle. Our writers and photographers are 100% waterfowlers. With their own words and pictures, Take ‘Em! celebrates the past, present, and future of our sport. Divers, puddlers, geese, cranes and more are covered in our pages. So are retrievers, boats, decoys, shooting… if you love it about waterfowl hunting, we cover it.

Here are a few of the things we believe in …

  • puddlers that lock up and decoy without a circle
  • the slap of waves against a big-water layout boat
  • a crescent moon, a north wind, and 35 degrees
  • your partner’s whoop when the Lab delivers a banded bird
  • eggs frying in bacon grease on a 2-burner stove
  • divers whistling over longlines
  • 3 AM C-store coffee, bitter as a mother-in-law
  • Canadas feet-down and backpedaling on their second circle
  • Huntin’ over a few of Granddad’s decoys at least once a season
  • the aroma of powder smoke, wet dogs, and marsh mud
  • a kid’s genuine excitement at knocking down their first bird on the wing
  • lying in springtime mud under a spin of 5000 snows
  • and a nice cold beer at the end of the hunt.

If you believe in any of these things,  Take ‘Em! Waterfowl Journal is for YOU. Subscribe today and join us. We will send your first issue immediately.