The Magazine That Takes YOU Duck Huntin’

Take ‘Em! Waterfowl Journal is a high-quality, every-other-month magazine dedicated to US and Canadian waterfowl hunting and the waterfowling lifestyle.

We believe in puddlers that lock up high and fall like rocks down to the deck, the slapping tattoo of chop against a big-water layout boat, a crescent moon and 35 degrees, your partner’s whoop, eggs cackling in bacon grease over a two-burner stove, divers whistling over longlines, tossing dekes and having them all land keel-down, C-store coffee bitter as a mother-in-law and dark as midnight.

We believe in Labs steaming in horizontal sun rays, flight days, warm gloves, Canadas dropping feet on their second circle, early starts (for the dawn glow as much as for the flight) Granddad’s decoys, the smell of powder smoke, hosing off dekes on the lawn in July (and thinking how pretty they look there).

We believe in the intensity of a veteran retriever, a kid’s genuine excitement over knocking down their first bird on the wing, the friends you met in the Poor Line, lying in shade cast by a spin of 5,000 snows, and a cold beer at the end of it all.

If you believe in these things too, join us. We want you as a reader and a friend.


Gordy Gordon
54-Season Waterfowler &