The Magazine FOR Waterfowlers, BY Waterfowlers!

Take ‘Em! Waterfowl Journal is a high-grade every-other-month magazine dedicated to US and Canadian waterfowl hunting and the waterfowling lifestyle. Here’s what we believe in:

We believe in …

  • puddlers that lock up high and fall like rocks
  • the slap of waves against a big-water layout boat
  • a crescent moon and 35 degrees
  • your partner’s whoop
  • eggs crackling in bacon grease on a 2-burner stove
  • divers whistling over longlines
  • and C-store coffee, bitter as a mother-in-law.

We believe in…

  • Labs steaming in horizontal sunshine
  • Unexpected flight days
  • Canadas dropping feet on their second circle
  • early starts (for the dawn glow as much as for the flight)
  • Huntin’ over some of Granddad’s decoys
  • the aroma of powder smoke
  • hosing off dekes on the lawn in July (and thinking how pretty they look).

We believe in…

  • the intensity of a veteran retriever
  • a kid’s genuine excitement at knocking down their first bird on the wing
  • new friends you met in the Poor Line
  • lying in the mud under a spin of 2,000 snows
  • and a nice cold beer at the end of it all.

If you believe in these things too, we want you as a reader and a friend. Subscribe and join us.

“Good huntin’ to You,”

Gordy Gordon
54-Season Waterfowler &